I just had my Big Fat Italian Wedding here on 10-15-2011. It turned out AMAZING! And let me tell ya, my family does not lie to make you feel good and I am still getting compliments 6 months later!

We were looking for a place with good food that could accommodate 250 people and have a good sized dance floor. And that us exactly what we got and more! For $10,000.00 We had 240 guests, tortellini appetizers, cream of chicken rice soup, Greek salad, herb roasted potatoes, lamb rosamarina, roast beef, Grecian chicken, vodka penne and green beans almandine. It also included our cake, from a well recognized bakery on the north side of Chicago, and wine on the tables with dinner, cocktail hour and top shelf liquor open bar and chair covers.

Everything went pretty smoothly. There were some last minute changes in the table arrangement that slightly frazzled me (after spending hours trying to seat everyone properly). The seating ended up working out, as did everything else. My guests were fed in a timely fashion, the food was great, the booze flowed and the people danced their butts off! I have been to many weddings, from very over the top to very minimal and I know one thing- It is not about how much you spend whether or not people enjoy themselves, it is about the guests, food, booze and dancing. And Nikos provided just that!

Nina & Mark